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Elaine Collins is a Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Educator. She's also a Licensed Barber and Hairstylist of 20 years specializing in healthy hair, dreadlock maintenance and luxurious lock styling. For many years, she's worked in every area of beauty including film, television, bridal and commercial advertisement. She's dynamic at making sure every client looks amazing both on & off camera. As a professional who's advanced in professional makeup application, she received her training and certification from Nakeah's Academy of Makeup in 2016. This led Elaine Collins to working in Hollywood & in the Big Apple with celebrities, famous photographers and with top agency models. She has worked alongside of World-Renowned Makeup Artist to the Stars "Nakeah Fuller" for many years while being mentored and trained by the very best. Because of her dynamic talent, her advanced training, her exceptional work ethic and dynamic leadership, Elaine has also managed hair & makeup teams for New York Fashion Week bringing together the best of the best in makeup & hair for the runways. Elaine has been requested for global campaigns and commercials including Amazon Campaigns & for Members of Congress. In recent years, she has also worked backstage for Hollywood Award Shows such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the BET Awards while providing makeup services for the NAACP Awards. She is requested each year because of her amazing talent, great professionalism and beautiful personality. Elaine owns her own hair salon suite in Plano, TX and manages a full schedule of providing flawless beauty at her private salon suite and beyond. She travels frequently and takes great pride in providing beautiful makeup & hair services for each and every client. With her unique expertise, Elaine Collins is the epitome of what the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry considers to be a triple threat. Not only does she provide dynamic services for women, but also superior men's grooming including barber services; which is ultimately unique. Her remarkable experience is tremendously appreciated by many around the world. Contact to book. 

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